You all know and love us for our fritters, but there’s another side to us. A side that many of you may not know.

If you’ve been to our St. Thomas location, then you know what we’re talking about…We carry more treats besides fritters!

“Really? But you’re called The Fritter Shop?”

Yes, but as our day one fritter fam knows, we haven’t always been the Fritter Shop. We started as the Lieuwma bakery in Amsterdam before moving to Canada and opening the Dutch Bakery in St. Thomas. So, it won’t come as a surprise to our true Fritter family who know our history. After all, we started as a bakery. Our fritters grew in demand and stole the show, but we wanted to carry on the tradition. So, we still offer several baked good options!

Say hello to our favourites…

Petit Fours is French for ‘little oven’. It just means an assortment of small pastries. If you’re used to sampling a variety of fritter flavours, you’ll love these because each box is filled with a variety of different flavours to satisfy all your cravings. There aren’t too many requirements when it comes to petit fours – they just have to be little!


Calling all chocolate lovers! If you love our brownie fritter, you’re gonna love these. We use the same decadent brownie batter from our fritters to make these beauties. Just one bite and you’ll be in chocolate heaven.

Brownies - The Fritter Shop

Cherry Cheesecake

Is our cherry cheesecake fritter your go-to? Then you’ll love our cherry cheesecake. Our cheesecake is whipped, making each bite light and fluffy. This heavenly dessert will have you and your taste buds feeling like you’re on cloud nine.

Cherry Cheesecake - The Fritter Shop

Now, next time you pick up your fritters, you’re going to have to add a few extra treats to the box. Stop by our St. Thomas location to try them for yourself – the only location you can get your fritter (and other dessert) fix seven days per week!