What do pumpkin patches, apple orchards and Arva flour Mill have in common? They are just a few of the necessary and amazing locally available ingredients needed for a successful and cheery holiday baking season!

The holiday season is here! Which for the bakers among us, means it’s time to don our aprons, open our cookbooks and make a BIG floury baking scene (a regular occurrence at The Fritter Shop)! But, before you start to whip up a fresh apple pie or your favourite holiday treat, set the stage for success with a holiday baking plan and of course, a few volunteer taste testers!

Here are our top 5 holiday baking season tips to make this year’s kitchen projects as fun and full of holiday cheer as possible.

1. Holiday To-Bake List

Save all your favourite Pinterest recipes, grab your favourite cookbooks, pour yourself a cup of hot apple cider and make a list of all the delicious things you want to bake this year! Narrow down the list by considering time constraints, cost of ingredients, family favourites and skill level required! Check out our blog post, Five Fritter Recipes You Need In Your Life, for some delicious fritter-inspired recipes (including warm fritters paired with dulce de leche ice cream!

2. Make It Look Pretty

Take your holiday desserts and festive table to the next level by using baker’s twine, mason jars, or tags and labels! At The Fritter Shop, we love brown kraft packaging for its natural look and environmentally friendly features!

3. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More!

Who doesn’t LOVE a clean kitchen?! It makes it way easier to find all your ingredients and have the space to make a new mess…and we need a TON of space to roll out our fritter dough! Also, as a part of cleaning, check your ingredients. Toss any expired ingredients or last year’s holiday baking powder and baking soda, as their rising powers have likely disappeared!

4. Inspire Your Own Mini Chef In Training

Some of our favourite memories come from cooking in the kitchen with the family, especially around the holidays. Inspire the tiny baker in your children by letting them get in on the action. A mini apron and a few cooking utensils will make them feel like it’s the real deal! Let them help measure out ingredients or tell them a story about the baking process!

5. Taste Test (Need We Say More?)

The absolute best part about baking is seeing and tasting the deliciously baked product YOU made! If the baked goods are going to be given as gifts, you may even want to make that first batch for your family, so you can perfect the recipe!

If you find yourself running out of time before your big event or you simply just want to be a taste tester rather than a baker, we have you covered this holiday season! From the classic apple fritter to the pumpkin fritter, The Fritter Shop will make sure your Holiday party is fritter-licious!

Happy Baking, Fritter Fam!

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