You asked for it, so we made it. Introducing… our new vegan fritter!

We love hearing from our customers’ and over the last year, we’ve received a ton of requests for vegan-friendly fritters. So, what took us so long?

Well, the answer is pretty simple – we wanted it to be PERFECT for you!

We take pride in our delicious fritters and we wanted to be able to deliver/create a vegan fritter that meets the same standards as what we’ve been serving. After a long period of trial and error, we finally created a plant-based recipe that is on par with our original. It’s the same flavour you love, but with slightly different ingredients.

Trying all the different versions was… interesting… We knew it was possible but had to taste-test a few unfritter-like batches before we landed on our final recipe.

We want EVERYONE to be able to share the fritter experience.

Fritters are too tasty to be limited to one type of diet. We want our baked goods to be accessible to everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions. Not only does our new vegan fritter accommodate plant-based diets, but it’s also perfect for our customers who have allergies to ingredients, such as dairy or eggs. There’s nothing worse than sitting there while everyone around you is enjoying delicious food you can’t eat. We understand this struggle and wanted to bring you in on the action!

You’re probably wondering, “how the heck can I get my hands on one, or six, or twelve?”

Our new vegan fritters will come out of the oven and into your mouth at The Western Fair Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or at our permanent location in St. Thomas (please order in advance at our St. Thomas Location!)

Our vegan fritter is available in our traditional apple flavour – for now. We’re always experimenting with new flavour combinations to please your taste buds, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date. We look forward to seeing you

Who has tried one? What did you think?

Interested in ordering some? Send up a message on Instagram or Facebook!